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Specie : Crassostrea gigas
Origin : France, "Etang de Thau"
Calibres : N°0, N°1, N°2, N°3, N°4, N°5
Sort of breeding : In suspension, sticked on a rope
Disponibility : All year

Our brands

"L’huître Tradition"®
"L’huître Tradition" (traditional oyster) targets the retail mass-market. It got a certification "CQC (Certified Quality Criteria) in 2000. The nutritive elements of "Etang de Thau" allows to get a meaty oyster, iodized and crunchy with hazelnut & mushroom aromas.

L’huître Exquise®
"L’huître Exquise" (exquisite oyster) targets catering. As well as "L’huître Tradition", it obtained a Certification CQC (Certified Quality Criterion) in 2000.

Bleu soleil®, a personal commitment

This brand puts MEDITHAU in the "Bleu Soleil" charter to respect standards in which we are particulary engaged.

    - Environmental protection
    - Management of food safety
    - Traceability
    - Optimal characteristics organoleptic

The vacuum pack, a way of convenience

The vacuum pack contains 12 oysters which come from "Etang de Thau". This product is available in self-service department.
His packaging is perfectly airtight and clean to assure the food safety. In an other way, The vacuum pack of 12 oysters is totally adapted to the new consumption trends, useful, and easy to carry, ideal for 1 or 2 persons, it can be eaten everywhere and without moderation…

"La spéciale Tarbouriech"® A product of exception

High range product, the Special oyster "Tarbouriech"® is farmed with the same specifications than "L’huître Exquise", but it gets a dewatering process, which can last several days during the growing cycle.

This system which allows to reproduce tide, uses solar energy to control the mechanical process of dewatering.

It improves the oyster quality, esthetic aspect (Slightly pink shell, few bio-soiling) and also firmness of meat.

To get more informations about the special "Tarbouriech", view the video.

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